nina nina nina

October 10, 2011

NINA HAGEN IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!! images thanks to forthedishwasher, planet nina,
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happy indigenous people’s day!

October 10, 2011
codex wedding

happy indigenous people’s day, everyone! on this day last year, i shared some photos of chichicastanango market in guatemala. this year, we’re heading to mexico for some images from the codex zouche-nuttall, a pre-columbian, hand-painted narrative book documenting the history of a mesoamerican mixtec community (oaxaca) and their lord, the aptly named Eight Deer...
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October 5, 2011

I STARTED A CHOIR! the first practice was on sunday and we embarked upon the road to mastering our first song, if i had a hammer by peter, paul & mary! I AM SO EXCITED i cant stop singing! ive been singing at work, on my bike, humming in bed and in the shower!...
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Time Travel Tuesday: Giorgio de Chirico

September 27, 2011
Giorgio de Chirico - The Song of Love

I am SO HAPPY that Sara at Brown Paper Bag chose de Chirico as this week’s Time Travel Tuesday feature! Giorgio de Chirico has blown my mind ever since sitting in front of The Philosopher’s Conquest at the Art Institute as a teenager wondering why the hell those artichokes were there. Step into his surreal...
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September 21, 2011

With the mountains of terrible shit we see on tv, hear on the radio, and read in the paper, it’s rare for me to be compelled by anything to take a stand or fight for change because everything pisses me off! But yesterday, after reading Roberta Smith’s cry for help in the New York...
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they’re here!

September 19, 2011
Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 8.51.25 PM

woah the poltergeist scared the shit out of me last night!!! a quiet suburban home is turned upside down by the undead in this 1982 spielberg horror classic! the entire poltergeist triology is said to be cursed after they used real human skeletons in the first film and four members of the cast died...
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boa boa boa boa boa

September 14, 2011
bianca boa.jpg

ok first it was the glitter shoes……and now im onto another drag queen trend: BOAS!!!! i’m not sure exactly how im going to work this one out, but tasja & andi gave me a cropped, vintage baby blue feather vest as a gift last week and im super psyched to wear it! feathers have been...
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Time Travel Tuesday: African Masks

September 6, 2011

Yes folks, it’s time for another Time Travel Tuesday with the lovely Sara of Brown Paper Bag! This week’s topic is African Masks, something that I’ve been planning on posting about for a while now, so the timing is perfect! Sara found some incredible masks and writes a bit about their history and cultural...
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chill cats

September 2, 2011

chilkat blankets!!! originally created by the tsimshian people of the pacific northwest coast & alaska, it was the tlingit that really adopted the style and started producing these blankets, which were quite expensive and indicated the high status and wealth of the wearer. with the flattened faces of animals, eyes, and natural forms, these precious...
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lone traveler

August 24, 2011

when i read about ruth orkin‘s “american girl” photo turning 60 this week, it got me all teary-eyed– i absolutely adore this photograph and know all-too-well the pleasure and plight of traveling alone as a woman in a foreign land! ruth (then 29) and ninalee craig (then 23), another lone female traveler, met at...
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