the gifts just keep on giving

March 4, 2009

nico got me a new camera for my birthday. i haven’t had my own pocket digicam (i love saying digicam!) since germany, so it will be wonderful to have my own again and not have to drop his on the sidewalk, in the sand, in the ocean…etc. sorry about that. i’m excited to take...
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animism via karl grandin

February 28, 2009

check out this sweater by artist karl grandin with this he claims to “free” the logo-animals of their capitalist connotations. i think it works, so many logos i never even realized were animals! like the nbc turkey/peacock? woah, that went right over my head. mr. grandin’s also done work for cheap monday: and Cheap...
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mrs. o

February 27, 2009

found this great little blog that documents what mrs. obama chooses to wear every day. our chic 1st lady is styled by the infamous ikram of chicago, but is she worthy of the constant comparisons to jackie o? i’m not sure yet, but i love jason wu and zero + maria cornejo and thakoon…so...
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blinded by the light

February 25, 2009

we got the lookbook for karen walker eyewear at work today we couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the styling. what better gimick than sunglasses for vampires? it just makes so much sense. i’m not even a vampire but i want these glasses! the other collections are also styled impeccably. i have...
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just cut it off

February 22, 2009

fuck the long hair and bangs, let’s give it up for what everyone’s scared to do but what everyone secretly wants—- short hair!!! um, can i please be her? for halston who cares if they’re wigs? the girls w/the man at 3.1 phillip lim tao okamoto for marc by mj mimi roche for y-3...
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day of birth

February 20, 2009

the birthday party was a big hit! unfortunately the camera was out of memory and i couldn’t get it out of widescreen mode (???), so only a very few photographic images of the event are on record. here is what is remains. thanks to everyone who came and devoured the red velvet cupcakes and...
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sarah in tunisia

February 20, 2009

a friend of mine from high school, sarah brandt, is currently teaching english in tunisia. for those of you who don’t know, tunisia is here: sarah was kind enough to house me in berlin a few times, over new year’s and again when i visited with nico. she has kept a blog documenting her...
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serial cultura fall 09

February 13, 2009

i styled jen’s spring lookbook last july with ewa, and as the fashion world turns, so do collections. her fall 09 pieces look incredible, lots of great prints (as always) and shapes a la maria cornejo. we threw it all together with help from photographer scott clark. here are some images from her blog,...
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william eggleston

February 13, 2009

great article in william eggleston in w, i think the october or november issue? here are some great, inspiring photos from this legendary photographer. these are the inspiration for a shoot i’m working on on sunday…the colors, composition, mundaneness– it’s all so brilliantly obvious. (one of my all time favorite photos!) please visit his...
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evil eyes

February 8, 2009

what’d i tell you? it’s all about eyes josefin arnell from stockholm fashion week
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