your point is what, sir?

February 10, 2010

i dont know why, but i just googled “rubber chicken”
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December 27, 2009

back in november, lisa and i went to see a free library screening of between the folds, a documentary about paper folding that i missed at the sf documentary fest. AMAZING film if you like paper (and folding it!) about contemporary folders pushing the envelope (ha) with tehcnology and seeing how far you can...
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ich liebe l'aviva

December 14, 2009

just came across this great online store–actually, a self-proclaimed, “series of curated online trunk shows”–called l’aviva. i found it while searching for some images of morocco, and came across these wedding blankets that i totally would have brought back…if i wanted to carry a bunch of giants blankets on my back… besides the moroccan...
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big in japan

November 18, 2009

issey miyake ‘a-poc’ paris parade finale, s/s 1999 i’ve been reading a lot about japan lately and checked the cutting edge: fashion from japan out of the library, the accompanying book to a 2005 exhibit at the powerhouse museum in sydney. nozomi ishiguro besides comme des garcons, issey miyake, and yohji yamamoto, the book...
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nature's delight

July 18, 2009

nature provides endless inspiration. here are some current favorites: aurora borealis, aka the northern lights: nomura jellyfish are HUGE in japan: summertime means lightning bugs: SOLAR FLARES: nebula schmebula:
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wi fi sci fi

July 1, 2009

im currently reading a book of short stories by sci fi master, ray bradbury! the cover is quite good, as many vintage paperbacks are…the stories are fun and quick and highly entertaining. they also make you think about the FUTURE….something i’ve been doing a lot lately. here are some other nice bradbury covers:
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catalan paradise!

June 29, 2009

the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain. overnight train from malaga to stay with couchsurfer martí and his flatmates. so generous, so welcoming, such a great family that kept me busy busy busy and going and going all over the costa brava for two days…and an absolutely necessary and worth-it 3 day...
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dedicated to nico

June 13, 2009

these photos are dedicated to my best friend and confidante, nicolas francisco colon. thank you for your love and support, without it i wouldnt have been able to take this incredible trip. i love you!!!
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sharing the wealth

June 10, 2009

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la luna

May 19, 2009

would love to embody the long, lanky black 60s supermodel donyale luna for my trip to spain….next stops vienna, budapest, barcelona, marrakesh!!!
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