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December 28, 2009

the other day, my grandma and i made a bunch of pompoms for my brother’s new kitten. her ancient yarn collection is just begging to be used, so today dorothy and i made a few more pom poms and some friendship bracelets… we then proceeded to make the world’s largest pom pom……which as, as...
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holiday cheer

December 24, 2009

ryan, tim, brian, will & jose’s xmas party was a grand ol’ time. what a great way to kick off the holiday season! everyone in their festive sweaters- even the beer dressed up!
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homage to summer: chicago

December 22, 2009

after recounting most of my summer adventures, i realized that i forgot to mention my return to chicago! since i’m back here watching the snow fall on the lake, i figured this would be a nice little photographic getaway… …back to the time when i was up on my the roof of my dad’s...
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