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"but paris was a very old city and we were young"

February 24, 2010

trina gave me a moveable feast for my birthday, so i’ve been walking the streets of 1920s paris with ernest and friends for the past few days. the jfk library in boston has the ultimate archive of hemingway manuscripts, photos, and correspondence. don’t you wish you could walk the quais and check out books...
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be mine?

February 14, 2010

happy valentine’s day! some inspiration from a book about the history of valentines for all you lovers out there. hope your day is full of love, no matter what size, shape, or form!
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my soul mate

January 29, 2010

how have i never realized how fucking rad zandra rhodes is???? i spent a good couple of hours at the library looking at some very inspirational “library use only” books, including one called the art of zandra rhodes. here are some of my favorite pages…i asked my mom for the book for my birthday...
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brit birds

January 4, 2010

my mom’s got this great coffee table book with loads of british fine-young-things from the 1960s- charly rampling, patty boyd, lady eliot, and on and on. it’s called birds of britain with photos and text by john d. green. just thought i’d share a bit with you, so grab a cup of tea and...
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makes me want to climb a mountain

December 20, 2009

i flew into chicago yesterday. left a brunch of tacos in sunny, 60 degree san francisco for 30 degrees, a dusting of snow, and a desperate need for some gloves. but it’s not too cold, and luckily we were spared the dumping of snow that the east coast got, but it’s certainly not california!...
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good hair day

September 11, 2009

lisa cut my hair last week into vidal sassoon’s firefly. she showed me the awesome book that vidal used and still uses as a training guide: a-ma-zing! metier is right next to vidal and everyone has the best hair. my girl debi at di pietro also worked at vidal for years…crazy geometry! so innovative!!!...
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wi fi sci fi

July 1, 2009

im currently reading a book of short stories by sci fi master, ray bradbury! the cover is quite good, as many vintage paperbacks are…the stories are fun and quick and highly entertaining. they also make you think about the FUTURE….something i’ve been doing a lot lately. here are some other nice bradbury covers:
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