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some knockout windows

January 19, 2011

i got an email this morning from a great friend of mine who has been living in paris with her french boyfriend. alison and i went to high school together in chicago and have since managed to maintain a long-distance friendship with letters, postcards, emails, and occasional visits in whatever town we may be...
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take it to go

June 21, 2010

forgot to mention a few unforgettable meals i had before/while I was leaving for my trip! debi took alex and i out for a FANTASTIC meal, which required walking from di pietro todd (after a great cut, thanks debi!!!) through chinatown and into north beach for a fancy and delicious dinner at the house!...
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west side story

April 29, 2010

the cemetary where my grandmother is buried is on the west side of chicago. i hadn’t driven out there in many years. the landscape is minorly depressing. so midwestern. simple. so many polish flags. so many low, brick homes. everything is low, really. maybe it was just the circumstance of the day that made...
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count me in

March 27, 2010

look at chicago-based photographer paul octavious‘ rad work. numbers, chicago, images of the same place on different days, and plane photos are all some favorite things we share in common. going to reno tomorrow for passover. remember this? bringing teresa with me this time, her first seder! sooo excited….
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good ol’ wesley willis

March 5, 2010

wesley willis is a chicago institution. artist, musician, and paranoid schizophrenic, he won the hearts of chicagoans and beyond with his “savant-garde” punk music and thousands of drawings from a unique perspective. i think max originally told me about him years ago (give credit where credit’s due!), but strangely enough, i found two zines...
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February 21, 2010

in april 1993, i won a goldfish at a carnival in muncie, indiana. i tossed a ping pong ball into his bowl and he and a friend came with us back to chicago. his friend survived an astoundingly long time- about two years after the carnival. each year after that, we kind of expected...
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sunday sunday sunday!

February 7, 2010

chicagoans have to be sports fans. today at my house we’re flipping back and forth between the super and puppy bowls, but the superbowl shuffle is still the best moment for me in superbowl history. go bears!
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winter wonderland

January 8, 2010

more from chicago!
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family time

December 29, 2009

nothing better than your family around holidays to welcome you, care for you, and then drive you fucking insane! i guess there are some fun moments too… mama and i went to the art institute to check out the modern wing….eh. i don’t know. not so impressed. the best stuff is on the 3rd...
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December 28, 2009

the other day, my grandma and i made a bunch of pompoms for my brother’s new kitten. her ancient yarn collection is just begging to be used, so today dorothy and i made a few more pom poms and some friendship bracelets… we then proceeded to make the world’s largest pom pom……which as, as...
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