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Posts Tagged ‘ friends ’


May 2, 2009

new york is freaking ALIVE! came in yesterday and hung out with my bff, olivia, in brooklyn. we got stalked and asked out by a creepy guy at a vintage store, went record shopping, ate awesome snacks at huckleberry in williamsburg, met up with eve et al at the crocodile lounge and watched the...
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portland: part 4, SO LONG

April 16, 2009

it’s always terrible to leave old friends, even for the second time around. my best ones, caitlin and haley and noah, were my first friends in college and are still up in the northwest. c & h are graduating this semester from college, woohhoo!!! noah graduated a semester early, that bastard! we rendevoused at...
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zoe's place

April 14, 2009

this is zoe’s studio apartment, conveniently located near holocene in the semi-industrial part of southeast portland. her apartment boasts a terrific view of downtown (particularly at sun-rise/set) and a hide-a-way bed camouflaged as a built-in. how convenient! zoe is amazing, i hope to see her soon in san francisco, her hometown!
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