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dirt chronicles: part 7

June 8, 2011

when i was in morocco two years ago, i was amazed by the ancient beauty and simplicity of many homes and casbahs made completely out of dirt. the walls, which were often more than a foot thick, kept the heat out in the blazing summers, but also maintained warmth in wintertime. when gretchen sent...
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i rug u

May 18, 2011

our new friend nick sung emailed me with these images of antique rugs from the nazmiyal collection. coincidentally, jake, daniel, zoe, nico & i spent a good chunk of our friday night looking up cool rugs on the internet. how productive! there are so many gems to choose from on nazmiyal, so i went...
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hold please

June 21, 2009

ok fuck im back in spain. after lots of debating and hoping and researching and vascillating, ive decided to go home to take care of some business–sell some unneeded sections of my wardrobe(BIG YARD SALE COMING SOON!!!) and maybe my car (1972 forest green mercedes, any buyers?) and save some money to come back...
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dedicated to nico

June 13, 2009

these photos are dedicated to my best friend and confidante, nicolas francisco colon. thank you for your love and support, without it i wouldnt have been able to take this incredible trip. i love you!!!
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sharing the wealth

June 10, 2009

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June 9, 2009

so ive been in morocco for almost 2 weeks now, from dirty casablanca through imperial meknes and the dizzying fez medina, down to the red red dunes of the sahara, winding through the various ranges of the atlas mountains and through the todra gorge with valleys of date palms and alfalfa plots, finally driving...
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sensory freaking overload

June 1, 2009

croissants and tea for breakfast, truck unloading flowers, tour of the fez medina the largest prettiest oldest and nuttiest of morocco. bought a ton of scarves slippers some ceramics the artisans here are incredible!!!! finally a place where CRAFT is taken seriously and not dropped from the curriculum!!!!!! passed on from father to daughter...
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im on the marrakech express

April 23, 2009

i’m trying to plan out my trip, specifically the leg in morocco. during my research, including lots of library books, podcasts, and googling, i’ve found some amazing things that i just have to see. one of them being GOATS THAT CAN CLIMB TREES! wow, i have to see this, it’s amazing!!! other sights include:...
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