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Jessalyn Aaland artist talk at Swarm Gallery!

April 3, 2013

My good buddy, Jessalyn Aaland, is giving an artist talk this Saturday, April 6 at 3PM at Swarm Gallery! If you haven’t already, make sure to stop by and see her discuss her solo show, Thank You For Your Waiting, which is up through April 21! GO GO GO!
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Ellsworth’s Plant Drawings

January 31, 2013

There are so many wonderful libraries here in Oaxaca and I like to spend afternoons at the Instituto de Arte Grafico de Oaxaca (IAGO) with all the books that you’d usually never be allowed to get your grubby paws on: expensive monographs, rare editions, oversized giants, handmade books submitted by artists themselves. It’s an incredible...
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plant love

April 20, 2010

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garden party

March 24, 2010

JASMINE! john weeded and cleaned up the backyard this weekend while i potted some plants and sowed some seeds….inch by inch! the house is looking great these days! man at work. my fave plant + children 🙂 lindsay’s jungle plants living room looking sparkly! my bedside table w/new plant!
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sunday is the best fucking day ever

March 4, 2010

tracy and i took advantage of the sun on sunday with an epic day. i went to her place for hello kitty shaped waffles and fresh-squeezed oj. we watched holi bollywood videos on youtube. then we scored some young, juicy coconuts on mission street and proceeded up bernal hill, where we slid down a...
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cute things in my house right now

March 2, 2010

our broken toaster; airplants from flora grubb; the flower moni put on my birthday present; glasses made by arlan. mexican basket that we mounted over the mantle! complete with origami friends (+/- googly eyes); giant pinecones; a whisky glass full of rainbow colored lollipops; a shell full of feathers, seedpods, and dried plants; origami...
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February 27, 2010

there’s nothing i love more than the first signs of springtime! blooming blossoms descend upon our city! day and night! pink and white!
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January 15, 2010

Yet another gem in the New York Public Library digital collections are the textile designs and drawings of E.A. Seguy. Absolutely stunning in their use of color, shape, pattern! Don’t you just want to wallpaper your house in this? I’m not even loving the bugs or butterflies that much, but I’m still so blown...
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January 11, 2010

lisa and i decided to spend our early sunday afternoon at flora grubb gardens, a nursery/home and garden store south of the city in the bayview area. i had heard of it before and trina suggested i go check it out…but i didnt realize how magical it really is! we wandered around the garden,...
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