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scenes from ny: the china issue

February 17, 2010

gung hay fat choy! happy chinese new year! year of the tiger— RAWR!! we waded ankle-deep through post-parade confettied and trashed chinatown for a crowded crispy fish dinner at new green bo on bayard. there’s nothing i love more than confetti, and as the street sweepers came to clean it up, it got all...
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scenes from ny: part I I I

February 17, 2010

please don’t make me go home!!!!!!! today’s my last day in new york. i’m at the public library right next to bryant park before the phillip lim show. i’m so sad to leave, this has been an epic trip of massive endings and fresh beginnings in my life. thanks to everyone i have seen,...
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makes me want to climb a mountain

December 20, 2009

i flew into chicago yesterday. left a brunch of tacos in sunny, 60 degree san francisco for 30 degrees, a dusting of snow, and a desperate need for some gloves. but it’s not too cold, and luckily we were spared the dumping of snow that the east coast got, but it’s certainly not california!...
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ich liebe l'aviva

December 14, 2009

just came across this great online store–actually, a self-proclaimed, “series of curated online trunk shows”–called l’aviva. i found it while searching for some images of morocco, and came across these wedding blankets that i totally would have brought back…if i wanted to carry a bunch of giants blankets on my back… besides the moroccan...
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RIP hejfina

November 17, 2009

probably my favorite shop to go home to in chicago, i found out today that hejfina closed it’s doors this past september!!! rest in peace, hejfina, chicago will mourn your absence and will have to look elsewhere for acne, vpl, creatures of the wind, isabel marant, margiela, etc etc and so forth… image via...
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homage to summer: asheville, north carolina

September 13, 2009

nico and i spent a night on the way to athens with alex, a good friend of dorothy’s who is a potter’s apprentice in the appalachians outside of asheville, north carolina. we saw spiky spiders, shot bbs at tin cans in the woods, wound through the mountains at 2am, and breakfasted on local-egg sandwiches....
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homage to summer: greensboro, north carolina

September 6, 2009

flew to raleigh from new york and spent a few days with miss sarah and mr josh in sticky greensboro–a real southern experience! raising arizona in the theater; tubing down a wide, shallow, tree-lined river; helping sarah’s class paint a mural; a dog named dirt; baby corn from the garden; laundromats; and couches sold...
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homage to summer: martha's vineyard

September 6, 2009

god summer rules. had a taste of our sf indian summer this week. this is dedicated to summer 2009 trip around the u.s.a. 1st stop: martha’s vineyard with caitlin & caleb.
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rock of love

August 24, 2009

nico and i did some test shots on the beach in martha’s vineyard for a photo project we’re working on. the results:
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museum faves

August 18, 2009

also snuck some shots of my favorite pieces in the art institute when back in chicago in april. these are the pieces i always come back to. i have a history with them, a romance, one might say. they are my standbys, my rocks. they make me happy whenever i see them. it’s like...
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