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chag purim!

March 19, 2011

Trzebinia, Poland, Purim, 1938 tonight is the start of purim, one of the happiest, most celebratory jewish holidays! as a kid, purim was always the best holiday because you got to wear a crazy costume, eat a ton of hamantaschen (triangle shaped jelly-filled cookies), and crank your gragger at the mention of the bad...
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pause & play

March 2, 2011

i felt like i needed to share a few videos that i’m just feeling so good about right now. they’re just making me realize how much i love life, you know what i mean?? hope they can do the same for you guys!!! (thanks chance!) (thanks diana!) (thanks tristan!)
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dirt chronicles: part 5

February 3, 2011

eiko & koma are a japanese duo that have been choreographing and performing together since the 1970s, pushing the limits of movement, dance, and performance. this past november, the pair debuted a month-long installation of their most recent endeavor, naked, as part of a residency at the walker art center in minneapolis and a...
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you don’t know what it’s like

December 10, 2010

to love somebody! one of my favorite bee gee’s songs was just as beloved by the music world as it is by me. enjoy these other versions by pp arnold, nina simone, michael bolton!!, janis joplin, and a random drag queen in front of a tinsel curtain.
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November 30, 2010

i first met lessa at her and hayden‘s place in bushwick while visiting nico in new york. she made us a simple, delicious pasta dinner and we shared stories about camp and shitty jobs, a nostalgic conversation between recent friends. when they came to visit san francisco at the end of the summer, we...
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costume contest

October 29, 2010

so usually i’m really psyched about halloween and we have a party and make spooky treats and wear awesome homemade costumes that we stay up all night frustratedly constructing on the sewing machine. but this year i’ve been so busy with everything else that halloween totally snuck up without even a brainstorm of costume...
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October 12, 2010

i’ve expressed my love for confetti in the past (here, here) but i am now obsessing over confetti machines. totally unnecessary and totally cool. i think i might need one!?!! and now youtube videos of confetti explosions….
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dance, emu, dance!

August 26, 2010

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road rage

August 5, 2010

nico and i have been on the road for almost a week now, making our way through the american southwest, camping, sightseeing, taking photos of roadside oddities, changing lanes, and marveling at the outrageously huge amounts of SPACE out here! we’re in taos, new mexico right now and were forced by raging thunderstorms to...
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July 4, 2010

here’s wishing everyone a FOURTH OF JULY weekend!!! for the 2nd year in a row i’m overseas, but will be celebrating with swimming and a bbq here in killin, scotland, a tiny town with a waterfall, ringed by green mountains and so far north it barely gets dark at night. it’s beautiful and nice...
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