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Archive for August, 2009

colonize this

August 16, 2009

besides natural disaster movies, one of my favorite film genres is “colonial love stories.” naturally, the recently-out-on-dvd nicole kidman/hugh jackman blockbuster-romance, AUSTRALIA, seemed worth a few bucks to rent from lost weekend. unfortunately, it was not worth the time or 3 dollars. an attempt at epicness, it really just epicly sucked, was epicly too...
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rip naomi sims

August 8, 2009

naomi sims, one of the first black supermodels, died on august 1st at 61 from breast cancer. here are some images from her career: on the cover and pages of Life Magazine and working for Halston. thanks to you, black still is beautiful, naomi! you will be missed!
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new location for gravel & gold!

August 7, 2009

last summer i stumbled upon gravel & gold, a tiny little shop with tons of treasures and a admirable focus on well-made wears and their makers. they’ve graduated to a larger space and are now occupying the old minnie wilde space next to my favorite pizza spot, serrano’s (OMG!) over on 21st and valencia....
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disco in the woods

August 4, 2009

i’ve been traveling a lot lately, down from new york, all over the south, and im finally back in chicago at my mom’s place relaxing with my grandmother and enjoying what seems to be the mildest summer in chicago’s history! that includes a stop at the museum of contemporary art, which currently has a...
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