so wabi

October 29, 2011

it’s intangible, indefinable, inspiring and represents the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” – it’s wabi-sabi! with roots in zen buddhism and japanese tea ceremony, the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi is difficult to describe, but you would probably know it if you saw it. driftwood, misty mornings, drooping flowers and rusting metal are all included in this...
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a match made in heaven

October 24, 2011

some strange cosmic serendipity has brought two phenomenal artists into my life, the first being tomas saraceno and his mind-blowing balloon structures and cities; the second, italo calvino and his two collections of outrageous short stories about the origins of the universe and imaginary cities, cosmicomics and invisible cities. the use of space, air, lightness and being, plus...
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happy indigenous people’s day!

October 10, 2011

happy indigenous people’s day, everyone! on this day last year, i shared some photos of chichicastanango market in guatemala. this year, we’re heading to mexico for some images from the codex zouche-nuttall, a pre-columbian, hand-painted narrative book documenting the history of a mesoamerican mixtec community (oaxaca) and their lord, the aptly named Eight Deer...
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book worms

September 19, 2011

nick from press: works on paper wrote the other day to remind me of some exciting events happening this week at the shop. tomorrow, tuesday, september 20th, they are hosting a longstitch bookbinding class taught by book, paper, and letter expert, jennie hinchcliff! and thursday, september 22nd will also be busy, with “monstrous readings” by...
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new stuff in the BIG THINGS SHOP!

July 29, 2011

lots of new fun summer things are up in the BIG THINGS SHOP!!!! check it OUT! ps special thanks to my model, IJU! sofie’s soft fuzzy earrings… chi chi necklaces by grain & woven barrettes and bird brain zines!
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this is life

July 8, 2011

miroslav sasek‘s books and illustrations have been blogged about like mad in the past few years, but who can blame us? his lively use of color and line and quaint observations of the places he illustrates make his work so loveable and timeless. several of his books of the “this is” series have been...
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June 10, 2011

ffion is part of the next generation of photographers privileged to grow up with the ease of digital and the freedom to experiment with film. her website, a-stop photography, represents rising young photographers around the world that share her aesthetic, exploring “the significance of life, suspension, time, magic, silence, beauty and light.” she chooses images and accepts...
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rand brand

May 27, 2011

we’re so bombarded by logos and advertising in our daily lives that it’s easy to dismiss or take certain images for granted. but a closer look some of the logos we have seen over and over again- those of UPS, IBM, ABC, or ENRON- reveals the masterful work of paul rand, a graphic designer...
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it’s a short story

May 26, 2011

may is short story month! i love short stories because i often don’t have time (or the attention span!) to read longer and i’m always impressed by authors that are able to develop intriguing plots and characters in such a, well…short story. i’m currently reading a collection of short stories by dostoevsky (my first...
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press time!

May 19, 2011

jamie & erin at the adventure store invited me to the opening of press: works on paper, their friends’ paper shop over on 22nd and dolores on friday. we got there a bit late (1st stop was the oakland museum’s hay fever!), but the crowd was still packed into the space even at 9:30!...
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