family time

December 29, 2009

nothing better than your family around holidays to welcome you, care for you, and then drive you fucking insane! i guess there are some fun moments too… mama and i went to the art institute to check out the modern wing….eh. i don’t know. not so impressed. the best stuff is on the 3rd...
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December 28, 2009

the other day, my grandma and i made a bunch of pompoms for my brother’s new kitten. her ancient yarn collection is just begging to be used, so today dorothy and i made a few more pom poms and some friendship bracelets… we then proceeded to make the world’s largest pom pom……which as, as...
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worth about a million bucks

December 23, 2009

my dad got me tickets to see million dollar quartet at the apollo theater last night. so rad! the show’s about a night in december 1956, where elvis, johnny cash, carl perkins, and jerry lee lewis all happened to be at the sun records studios at the same time and spontaneously recorded a jam...
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homage to summer: chicago

December 22, 2009

after recounting most of my summer adventures, i realized that i forgot to mention my return to chicago! since i’m back here watching the snow fall on the lake, i figured this would be a nice little photographic getaway… …back to the time when i was up on my the roof of my dad’s...
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fogel, son

December 5, 2009

aren’t they pretty??? multi-exposure photos and photograms by chicago-baseddoug fogelson
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RIP hejfina

November 17, 2009

probably my favorite shop to go home to in chicago, i found out today that hejfina closed it’s doors this past september!!! rest in peace, hejfina, chicago will mourn your absence and will have to look elsewhere for acne, vpl, creatures of the wind, isabel marant, margiela, etc etc and so forth… image via...
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busy beavers!

August 18, 2009

the busy beaver button company just opened a new space in chicago. we missed the opening, but i have so many buttons laying around from their button-o-matic candy machines that i feel like i was there. bars and stores throughout the city have candy machines that feed you buttons designed by mostly local artists....
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museum faves

August 18, 2009

also snuck some shots of my favorite pieces in the art institute when back in chicago in april. these are the pieces i always come back to. i have a history with them, a romance, one might say. they are my standbys, my rocks. they make me happy whenever i see them. it’s like...
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my grandma's house

May 4, 2009

my mom and i live on the first floor of my grandmother’s house in chicago. she and my grandfather bought the house on a quiet side street in the then-mostly-puerto-rican lincoln park in the 60s for $26,000. now the property alone is worth more than a million, thanks to gentrification! last winter my grandmother...
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