my grandma's house

May 4, 2009

my mom and i live on the first floor of my grandmother’s house in chicago. she and my grandfather bought the house on a quiet side street in the then-mostly-puerto-rican lincoln park in the 60s for $26,000. now the property alone is worth more than a million, thanks to gentrification! last winter my grandmother...
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April 24, 2009

the icon of icons. i recently ran across some articles on the “mother of the mac trash can,” susan kare, a graphic artist that designed so many of the original mac icons and typefaces. they’re so simple, so pixelated, yet so memorable, effective, and witty! remember these? now her work, based of out sf,...
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im on the marrakech express

April 23, 2009

i’m trying to plan out my trip, specifically the leg in morocco. during my research, including lots of library books, podcasts, and googling, i’ve found some amazing things that i just have to see. one of them being GOATS THAT CAN CLIMB TREES! wow, i have to see this, it’s amazing!!! other sights include:...
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knotan do

April 14, 2009

knotan is the swedish terry richardson. although i’ll refrain from posting some of his more risque shots, he and terry share the themes of bright flashes, naked tits, androgynous dicks, romping on beds, and sexualized animal costumes. i still don’t know how they get all those hot girls to get naked…. knotan also does...
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