fogel, son

December 5, 2009

aren’t they pretty??? multi-exposure photos and photograms by chicago-baseddoug fogelson
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happy thanksgiving!

November 27, 2009

just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! i’m thankful for so many things, including my wonderful family and friends, my fabulous boyfriend and our beautiful home that we’ve made together here in san francisco. it’s been a crazy year so far. thanks for reading my blog and sharing it all with me, wherever...
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magical fairy land

November 19, 2009

as if i didn’t blog enough today (hey, it’s my only day off in 2 weeks so you gotta do what you gotta do)….some images by iceland’s saga, for re:solution magazine. to nerdily quote the bumper sticker, they are “gorge-ous!” her blog, the neverending story, will make you simultaneously sigh and gasp.
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walead is the beshty

November 14, 2009

Walead Beshty’s photographs put me in a technicolor trance. Made without a camera (a la Man Ray’s photograms), Beshty folds and exposes the color or black and white photo paper to create prismatic, psychedelic, abstract beauties that are a perfect print (no pun intended) of his process. His glass floor installed at LAXART crackled...
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in the white house

October 23, 2009

the white house has an official flickr photostream with incredible behind-the-scenes with obama! all images by pete souza
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drip drop

October 18, 2009

see more here from designbeep
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scenes from the hood

October 1, 2009

wow the mission is fun sometimes!
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September 9, 2009

OMG check out these mind blowing photos from space that the hubble telescope captured. the just posted by the nytimes. SPACE RULES!!! (gas spewing from a DYING STAR! OMG!!!!!!)
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idea theft, yet again

August 29, 2009

back in portland about a year ago, haley, eitan and i were sitting around brainstorming. we started talking about our refrigerators and how we organize them. yes, highly interesting…but actually so! strangely enough, they put the cheese in the compartment in the door that everyone else (or at least i) use for the butter....
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rock of love

August 24, 2009

nico and i did some test shots on the beach in martha’s vineyard for a photo project we’re working on. the results:
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