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san francisco


October 12, 2009

nico and i took a nice drive and hike up to and around the headlands last week. beautiful weather, no fog, all sun, it was a nice break from the city and the bustle. we saw red-tailed hawks, lots of eucalyptus, barnacles, beaches and bunkers. sometimes i forget how huge the ocean is…………..
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scenes from the hood

October 1, 2009

wow the mission is fun sometimes!
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it's that good

September 23, 2009

upon returning from my trip, nico had a few lovely gifts waiting for me- michael jordan t-shirts and some awesome flip-front sunglasses. he kept raving about this store that just opened a block from the house… …on the corner of 22nd & folsom next to our oft-frequented corner store, is THE GOOD SHOP. now...
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im not a model

September 14, 2009

jen had her trunkshow at the silverman gallery a few weeks ago and spilled these photos onto facebook. martha davis provided shoes and we munched on crumbled pringles while the surprisingly impressive fashion set mingled and polished off case after case of wine. good times, even if you’re the shortest model on display.
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come see us!

August 26, 2009

jen and friends are having a trunk show at the silverman gallery!this thursday august 27th from 6-9 be there!!804 sutter st in SF(right down the road from the metier girls, who happen to be on sale, hell yeah!) sarah’s debuting her line, stars and ravens (yeah!!!)……. i’ll be modeling serial cultura’s fall 2010 collection...
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new location for gravel & gold!

August 7, 2009

last summer i stumbled upon gravel & gold, a tiny little shop with tons of treasures and a admirable focus on well-made wears and their makers. they’ve graduated to a larger space and are now occupying the old minnie wilde space next to my favorite pizza spot, serrano’s (OMG!) over on 21st and valencia....
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you say goodbye, i say hello

May 18, 2009

OOPS before i left i had an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING going away party thrown by myself for myself with all of my lovely friends in sf. april and the duke, phoebe & ashley, roommate lisa with broken elbow & her sis, lev & melissa, ryan representing the boys’ house, tokyo ramu, big mike and...
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