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Posts Tagged ‘ animals ’

NightLife Earth Day Party Pixxx

April 27, 2012

WOW last night’s NightLife Earth Day party at the California Academy of Sciences was such a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out to learn about composting, gardening, edible bugs, bug photography, and to see an ostrich dissected LIVE! I was excited to see Yasmin and Ami’s mobile bike composting unit- the U.S. Compostal Service-...
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dance, emu, dance!

August 26, 2010

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doggy doo doo

April 20, 2010

im not really sure what to say about this. thanks ny times sports page.
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koko speaks

March 18, 2010

koko is a gorilla who can “speak” using sign language! teresa and i watched koko: a talking gorilla, a documentary by barbet schroeder about 4-year old koko the gorilla and her communicative relationship with her trainer, penny patterson. koko was born in the san francisco zoo in the 70s and then taken to stanford...
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am cams

February 23, 2010

don’t you just love animal cams? err, i mean “animal-borne imaging.” mr. lee’s cat cam! national geographic’s crittercam!
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February 21, 2010

in april 1993, i won a goldfish at a carnival in muncie, indiana. i tossed a ping pong ball into his bowl and he and a friend came with us back to chicago. his friend survived an astoundingly long time- about two years after the carnival. each year after that, we kind of expected...
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