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buried treasure

March 8, 2010

i’m thrilled to be reading the adventures of tom sawyer right now. mark twain has brought me back to what it’s like to think like a kid, from the lust for adventure, thrill of mischief, to the awkwardness of growing up and the purity of friendships. sometimes you just wish you were born a...
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sunday is the best fucking day ever

March 4, 2010

tracy and i took advantage of the sun on sunday with an epic day. i went to her place for hello kitty shaped waffles and fresh-squeezed oj. we watched holi bollywood videos on youtube. then we scored some young, juicy coconuts on mission street and proceeded up bernal hill, where we slid down a...
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we’re not in athens anymore

March 2, 2010

dorothy, one of my oldest friends from chicago, came to visit from athens, georgia the week before my birthday. it was just like old times, us being bored together! except now we’re a little older and fatter (but not THAT much fatter) and it really wasn’t that boring (i hope!). sorry d, i had...
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cute things in my house right now

March 2, 2010

our broken toaster; airplants from flora grubb; the flower moni put on my birthday present; glasses made by arlan. mexican basket that we mounted over the mantle! complete with origami friends (+/- googly eyes); giant pinecones; a whisky glass full of rainbow colored lollipops; a shell full of feathers, seedpods, and dried plants; origami...
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"but paris was a very old city and we were young"

February 24, 2010

trina gave me a moveable feast for my birthday, so i’ve been walking the streets of 1920s paris with ernest and friends for the past few days. the jfk library in boston has the ultimate archive of hemingway manuscripts, photos, and correspondence. don’t you wish you could walk the quais and check out books...
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February 23, 2010

i am soooo flattered and surprised to be on refinery 29’s top 20 street style looks from fashion week! never even thought i’d even see those photos! especially next to pixie geldof?? i’m looking a bit messy but rad in my yellow birthday earrings made by lisa, tracy’s parka, my mom’s old belt, vintage...
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February 21, 2010

in april 1993, i won a goldfish at a carnival in muncie, indiana. i tossed a ping pong ball into his bowl and he and a friend came with us back to chicago. his friend survived an astoundingly long time- about two years after the carnival. each year after that, we kind of expected...
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scenes from ny: la fine

February 19, 2010

now it’s just a dream. on my last morning we locked the keys and all of my stuff in the apartment and my flight was in the afternoon. we didn’t even know the name of the lady who owned the place because we were renting from her subletter! luckily i ended up sneaking back...
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scenes from ny: part I I I

February 17, 2010

please don’t make me go home!!!!!!! today’s my last day in new york. i’m at the public library right next to bryant park before the phillip lim show. i’m so sad to leave, this has been an epic trip of massive endings and fresh beginnings in my life. thanks to everyone i have seen,...
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scenes from ny: part 2

February 15, 2010

more more more! woah, yesterday was quite chilly. the wind really get through every layer! olivia & i started the day with a nice eggy + toasty breakfast cooked with love by johnny (as seen above). we walked a couple of blocks over to the brooklyn flea, the flea market that’s held in the...
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