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November 12, 2011

wow everyone, what an AMAZING year it has been for BIG THINGS! from oakland to san francisco, portland to chicago, we have gone far and wide to bring you stories, photos, and experiences that are FUN and uplifting. THANK YOU to all of our awesome readers, all the people who have made each of...
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pizza party!!!!!

February 27, 2011

on friday i threw a pizza party potluck for my birthday! i decorated the house with construction paper slices and pies (no two were the same!) and spent the day prepping the dough and toppings for the pizzas. i served up my stash of lou malnati’s deep dish pizzas, which i imported frozen in...
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baking with roy g biv

December 22, 2010

via girlhula my birthday’s not until february but i’m already having dreams of a RAINBOW CAKE with vanilla frosting topped & coconut!!!!! what could be better than that?!?!! then i started googling and got some pretty intense and slightly sickening results…i think i already have a sugar headache. via serious eats via omnomicon via...
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sharon’s birthday picnic!

March 18, 2010

jen and gabe and i drove up to mt. tam to celebrate sharon’s birthday with her husband bill, friends, and a picnic on saturday. it was AMAZINGLY clear and beautiful and sunny. i found an antler and jen found some rocks that looked suspiciously like a few parts of the body that shall remain...
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cute things in my house right now

March 2, 2010

our broken toaster; airplants from flora grubb; the flower moni put on my birthday present; glasses made by arlan. mexican basket that we mounted over the mantle! complete with origami friends (+/- googly eyes); giant pinecones; a whisky glass full of rainbow colored lollipops; a shell full of feathers, seedpods, and dried plants; origami...
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happy birthday tracy!

February 1, 2010

we celebrated tracy’s 28th at edinburgh castle on saturday with some soul dancing, fake and REAL cookies!
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jen's birthday!

December 6, 2009

last night we celebrated jen’s birthday with dinner at osha, drinks at the lone palm, and dancing to african riddims at little baobob. it was great to chow down with sharon & bill, camelia & greg, denise & tim, and the lovely sarah! such creative, inspirational people! jen and gabe told us a great...
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happy birthday augie!!!

November 27, 2009

lots of celebrating this week! i went to august’s 1st birthday party on sunday. trina threw him a “go, dog, go!” themed party and everyone had to wear a hat. i brought balloons, which a freaked out over! i have to say, the creativity level was pretty high on the hat front–from lampshades, to...
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april’s birthwarming

November 16, 2009

april hosted her birthday/housewarming party last saturday at her new place in point richmond. it was a treat to see pals ashley, alana & tommy, and victor again, and to meet nasty gals sophia & christina. i gorged myself on april’s homemade goodies, including a wild rice pilaf and killer pumpkin pound cake. one...
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nico's birthday bbq

October 18, 2009

thanks for coming out to celebrate!
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