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20 years of fantasy!

November 5, 2010

tsumori chisato celebrated the 20th year of her eponymous line this fall with a bright spring 2011 collection based on her favorite things. after working as head of the issey miyaki sport collection in the 80s, she developed her own edgy, whimsical and quintessentially japanese clothing line. color, print, and a child-like sensibility defined...
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September 21, 2010

you know how sometimes you sit around with your friends and dream up some awesome, ironic idea that you’re sure no one else has had and you all get into character and screw around for awhile with silly voices and dances and maybe you even bust out some costumes. then you’re all, “duuuude, we...
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taco night!

February 28, 2010

last sunday i went over to april and rob’s for taco night and to meet their new cat, lulu. hand-made corn tortillas, pumpkin seed pesto, orange black beans, corn, chiles, and crema- YUM! + heart-shaped mexican chocolate cake w/cinnamon whipped cream?!?!! then we proceeded with our feline photoshoot. work it, lulu!
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