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copenhagen vs vienna

May 25, 2009

so stupidly i missed my flight to spain this morning…ugh. long long day searching out new flights and throwing money i don’t have out the window. but that’s traveling, right?? flying to malaga via london tomorrow…but wanted to backtrack and throw you some bones about the euro style i’ve been experiencing here…… my notes...
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Smørrebrød and Gorn the Old

May 17, 2009

ok first i apologize for lack of posts, i’ve been going going going for the past week and the internet has taken backseat to my travels (as it should be, right!) so i spent a few days in copenhagen, touring around with alison, who has been living and working there for the past year....
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berlin vs. copenhagen

May 11, 2009

BERLIN CPH i’m quite tired right now and don’t have my camera cable, so i won’t bore you too much. but just as an update, today i took the bus from berlin to copenhagen after a nice weekend of late night berlin parties in basements and crumbling east-german buildings; sleeping until noon and wandering...
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