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scenes from ny: part I I I

February 17, 2010

please don’t make me go home!!!!!!! today’s my last day in new york. i’m at the public library right next to bryant park before the phillip lim show. i’m so sad to leave, this has been an epic trip of massive endings and fresh beginnings in my life. thanks to everyone i have seen,...
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good morning, i’m hungry

January 20, 2010

fashion blogs have kind of lost my attention lately…how many pictures of the same people can you really look at every day? now i find myself gaining much more inspiration from my favorite daily indulgence- FOOD! my favorite food blog lately is simply breakfast, jennifer causey’s daily catalog of her morning meal. i just...
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you’re gonna need a bigger boat

January 19, 2010

last night i made chili + cornbread + apple pie for some friends and followed it up with a viewing of JAWS! i’m on a kick of checking classic movies out of the library that i’ve never seen, so this was the first installment. got me thinking about the beauty of sharks and their...
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todah rabah!

December 19, 2009

todah rabah means thank you very much in hebrew. thanks to everyone who came to the chanukkah party. it was an intimate affair with lots of fried food. gabe & jen saved the day by taking over the oil reins and frying everything to absolute perfection. thanks guys!!! we told the story of chanukkah,...
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chanukkah sameach!

December 17, 2009

ok, i know it’s already the 6th night, but i’m preparing for my chanukkah party tomorrow night….soo much work to do but the menu’s looking like this: latkes (mom’s recipe!) w/applesauce and sour cream sufganiyot (auntie gila’s recipe!) mexican wedding cakes (thanks tracy!) and chocolate latke coconut cookies (via ha! also, lots of...
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happy birthday augie!!!

November 27, 2009

lots of celebrating this week! i went to august’s 1st birthday party on sunday. trina threw him a “go, dog, go!” themed party and everyone had to wear a hat. i brought balloons, which a freaked out over! i have to say, the creativity level was pretty high on the hat front–from lampshades, to...
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HUGE cupcake

November 25, 2009

so my mom called me today and told me she saw a GIANT cupcake tin at walgreens and asked me if i needed it (“you throw parties all the time!!!!” she reasoned). i cracked up at the absurdity of the question and the object itself and proceeded to tell lisa about my mom’s thoughtful...
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nico's birthday bbq

October 18, 2009

thanks for coming out to celebrate!
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homage to summer: corn on the cob

October 11, 2009

I FREAKING LOVE CORN ON THE COB and documented most of the cobs i devoured over the summer martha’s vineyard, caitlin’s place, june 2009 north carolina, food not bombs, july 2009 north carolina, sarah’s garden, july 2009 san francisco, bbq at our place, august 2009 undocumented:munich, gruene sonne festival, june 2009: (1) cobgeorgia, dorothy’s...
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hungry hippos

October 3, 2009

ive been cooking and baking a lot lately with the help of our weekly box of fresh produce direct from the capay farm. it’s incredible and affordable and delicious. here’s what we’ve been eating: melon from the farm, scramble with local eggs & veggies, acme bread from the free farm stand, smoothie vegan blue...
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