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cy kwan do

July 14, 2009

kevin and i went to the brand new brandhorst museum in munich conveniently located near the rest of the pinakotheks in a sort of museum “complex” in schwabing, my old stomping ground. the building itself is quite nice, but what was really the best, among the mainly post-modern and contemporary collection, were these incredible,...
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…at least we can have a good time

July 6, 2009

it’s been thunderstorming in munich for the past week! three storms today alone! what is going on? is this summer? spent a lot of time inside, sleeping, relaxing, preparing for my trip back to new york, lazy museum visits and eating a lot of chocolate and ice cream with the help of kevin and...
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munich summertime

May 25, 2009

the weather has been great here, so instead of lamenting my missed flight i enjoyed the 80 degree sunshine and the biergarten. kevin came in from stuttgart and we went to the deutsches museum today, the technical museum with real airplanes, boats, and other incredible technology! our good friend frederick djed at the rote...
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May 18, 2009

so sah es aus:
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berlin bound

May 7, 2009

munich was beautiful today! 70 degrees in the shade and my german is slowly improving. we snacked on pommes in a secret garden and laid around in the englischer garten, a giant park in the middle of the city. shopped a bit (aka looked) with tasja and met up with her cousin max for...
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