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Posts Tagged ‘ los angeles ’

rape report

January 13, 2012

on mother’s day in may, 1977, artist suzanne lacy began her extended performance, three weeks in may, retrieving daily police reports from the LAPD and recording the rapes on a large map of the city. over the course of next three weeks, lacy and other female artists organized performances, gallery installations, dinners, self-defense classes, speak-outs and...
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June 8, 2011

there are always too many things on my plate and this weekend is no exception! here are some events that you guys should check out, lots of friends opening and closing shows up and down the west coast. wish i could be at all of them! THURSDAY JUNE 9 in SEATTLE: tyson anthony roberts, whom we...
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los angeles: part 1

January 22, 2011

ever since i was kid, i harbored this midwestern dream of moving to southern california, becoming a marine biologist (save the whales!) having a surfer boyfriend and just chilling on the beach. but since living in the bay area, i’ve developed a slightly more jaded view of all things so-cal: hollywood, smog, porn, fake...
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