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we ♥ japan

March 16, 2011

all of this insanely scary footage and coverage of the japanese earthquake & tsunami has us all on edge and praying for the people of japan! i couldn’t help but think of the amazingly rich history of the country and all of the inspiration i have gotten from their culture, people, traditions, art, music,...
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science fair

March 1, 2011

i wish my science fair projects had looked this good! designer linda dong has created some delightfully minimal images exploring “the beauty inherent in simple scientific concepts and experiments.” gotta love the video demonstrating air pressure w/a hard boiled egg. be awed by simple science!
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February 9, 2011

Uli Westphal and I must share a brain somewhere in another dimension- we are both obsessed with photographing fruity freaks of nature and the personalities we humans project onto animals. i’ll have to forward him my personal collection of freak produce shots and drawings of “typical” animal characters. for now, a look at his...
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a walk to remember

December 29, 2010

i am so far behind on writing about my travels this summer, so i’m going to blast through some memories. these were taken on my day exploring the roma/immigrant neighborhood of tarlabaşı, fabrice’s favorite area in istanbul. not exactly a tourist destination, although only a few blocks from the bustling taksim square, the neighborhood...
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snow day!

December 28, 2010

holy crap it snowed a lot on the east coast this weekend! being out here in california makes me miss the snow so much! when it’s blizzarding and powdery everywhere else all we get is rain rain rain. not that i’m complaining…i don’t know if i could handle 20″ of the white stuff right...
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dirt chronicles: part 1

December 27, 2010

dirt cheap, dirt poor, dirty rotten scoundrel– that stuff under our feet certainly has a bad reputation! since i watched this amazing documentary, dirt! the movie, i’ve been really into looking up information about the historical, scientific, and cultural significance of DIRT! dirt in science, dirt in religion, and particularly dirt in art, it’s...
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public displays of affection

December 14, 2010

during a visit to the museum of contemporary art in chicago in 2007, nico and i were shocked to stumble upon a couple rolling around in slow motion on the ground on the second floor, a crowd gathered around them staring with raised eyebrows. it was tino sehgal’s, kiss, a precisely choreographed dance with...
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November 28, 2010

my all-time favorite street style site, hel-looks, has been revamped! the new and improved look makes navigating the archives of fashionable fins much simpler and efficient. unlike the polished snobbery of the sartorialist and or the trendy young things caught by the facehunter, hel-looks has always documented a wide rainbow of characters who may...
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java jammin

October 22, 2010

claire holt traveled to indonesia in the 1930s to research and document the vibrant art and dance culture throughout the islands. because dance was such an integral part of everyday life in indonesia, claire realized that understanding the dance culture would require becoming familiar with the entire indonesian culture, religion and history. she spent...
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breaker breaker

October 11, 2010

the breaker boys of the pennsylvania coal mines sifted through piles of coal picking out chunks of rock and slate and breaking larger pieces of coal into smaller, more manageable pieces. the breakers were used from the 1860s-1920s, despite public protests due to their age (as young as nine!). many children were injured or...
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