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they’re on a boat!

May 7, 2010

any portlanders out there should be sure to check out caitlin, zoe, lewis & kyle’s show opening in their new BOATSPACE this weekend! yes, that means art on a boat. but it’s much more than that. i’d be there if i could, but they know my heart is there with them! congratulations, friends, can’t...
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May 4, 2010

i was browsing una‘s blog (one of my favorite stores in portland) and came across tomoko igarashi‘s knotted necklaces! apparently her parents were both designers, her father, takenobu igarashi an influential and innovative graphic and product designer (below!) and her mother, keiko, working in textiles and housewares. don’t you just love a creative family!?
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loved and lost

January 16, 2010

OH MY GOD four years ago i used to have these amazing shoes i found at the goodwill in portland that for some ridiculous reason i ended up getting rid of (i never wore heels, they were too “witchy,” who knows?!). ever since i’ve doodled them, dreamed of them, and have been scheming up...
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fall in portland

September 1, 2009

gorgeous! a japanese maple at the portland japanese gardens! im hoping to go up to portland for the weekend of the 12th to see haley & noah before noah leaves for spain to teach english (go noah!) portland is so nice in the fall–still a residual warmth (that quickly fades into rain rain rain...
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what i ate…in portland

April 17, 2009

forgot to mention the amazing delicacies i indulged in while up north. like… BURGERVILLE!!! PINE STATE BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!! HEART SHAPED BANANA BREAD!!! PECAN PIE!!! SUSHILAND!!! MT. TABOR PICNIC!!!
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portland: part 4, SO LONG

April 16, 2009

it’s always terrible to leave old friends, even for the second time around. my best ones, caitlin and haley and noah, were my first friends in college and are still up in the northwest. c & h are graduating this semester from college, woohhoo!!! noah graduated a semester early, that bastard! we rendevoused at...
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zoe's place

April 14, 2009

this is zoe’s studio apartment, conveniently located near holocene in the semi-industrial part of southeast portland. her apartment boasts a terrific view of downtown (particularly at sun-rise/set) and a hide-a-way bed camouflaged as a built-in. how convenient! zoe is amazing, i hope to see her soon in san francisco, her hometown!
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