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knock me out

March 25, 2009

went out with lisa, tim & leanne the other night to see some bands at the knockout. this is what happened. ps lisa made her shirt with puff paint. how coooool???
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jen & gabe

March 24, 2009

sunday was spent with jen (of serial cultura) and her husband, gabe. we went to vik’s in berkeley for indian brunch and then bummed around their house, a beautiful loft space in oakland. jen showed me her old work from college and inspired me to go back to school…maybe for textiles??!! their place is...
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the g(old)en age

March 20, 2009

i was walking to pick up my lunch the other day at madeline’s, a delicious feta-cauliflower quiche. i always walk down grant, past the rival (and superfluous) joe’s and seven jeans stores, shreve, the prada store, agnes b., etc etc. i was wearing who knows what, some bedazzled gypsy headscarf and an oversized 90s...
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March 18, 2009

i need a new bathingsuit! im not really feeling bikinis anymore….how about these??? i guess they’re called “mono-kinis,” but it sounds like a hawaiian pathogen….let’s just call them by their french name, maillot! sounds nicer. these all remind me of rudi gernreich’s mind-altering swimwear designs and infamous topless bikini: and the search begins… from...
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slick gypsy!!!

March 13, 2009

even more slick looks! i think im going to appropriate this slick gypsy look for myself. i can’t get the fleetwood mac out of my head, but i want to wear blazers! why not do a slick gypsy? seems like chloe had it thing going on, with sharpness softened by a few ruffles, velvet,...
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March 10, 2009

more from max in taiwan:
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the gifts just keep on giving

March 4, 2009

nico got me a new camera for my birthday. i haven’t had my own pocket digicam (i love saying digicam!) since germany, so it will be wonderful to have my own again and not have to drop his on the sidewalk, in the sand, in the ocean…etc. sorry about that. i’m excited to take...
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animism via karl grandin

February 28, 2009

check out this sweater by artist karl grandin with this he claims to “free” the logo-animals of their capitalist connotations. i think it works, so many logos i never even realized were animals! like the nbc turkey/peacock? woah, that went right over my head. mr. grandin’s also done work for cheap monday: and Cheap...
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mrs. o

February 27, 2009

found this great little blog that documents what mrs. obama chooses to wear every day. our chic 1st lady is styled by the infamous ikram of chicago, but is she worthy of the constant comparisons to jackie o? i’m not sure yet, but i love jason wu and zero + maria cornejo and thakoon…so...
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blinded by the light

February 25, 2009

we got the lookbook for karen walker eyewear at work today we couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the styling. what better gimick than sunglasses for vampires? it just makes so much sense. i’m not even a vampire but i want these glasses! the other collections are also styled impeccably. i have...
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