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July 17, 2008

got a new gig writing for nice little site profiling small boutiques throughout the country in different cities. i get to roam around, go shopping, and then write a little about different boutiques here in sf in the mission. today i went to one called gravel & gold. great place, small space, lisa...
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get it, girl!

July 14, 2008

just came home from styling a photo shoot for serial cultura‘s spring lookbook. jen jennings is the designer, SO SWEET, amazing pieces, great hair and makeup people and an incredible location–the rooftop of the sf art institute in north beach. incredible panoramic view of the city, very san francisco up on the hill, tiers...
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vera vera good

July 2, 2008

i love vera. vintage scarves, blouses, dresses, linens, dishtowels…EVERYTHING vera has incredible design and adorable, clever drawings. ouno design is now making bedspreads out of old scarves, many vera ones also included. check it: if i weren’t so lazy i’d make one…but i say that about everything. such a cool, updated idea of the...
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things i like

June 19, 2008

here are some things i like looking at right now: thomas beale’s harlequin cai guo-qiang’s transient rainbow costalots sunglasses at
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athens georgia

June 13, 2008

dorothy recruited me to drive down to georgia with her to go apartment hunting. she got a job in a lab at uga and didnt want to blindly choose a place…so of course i came along for the ride. chicago, indianapolis, louisville, nashville, chatanooga, atlanta, and 14 hours later we’re in athens, georgia. we...
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be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

May 15, 2008

well we made it to san francisco. i graduated college (!) on sunday, packed my shit up on monday, drove down on tuesday and arrived on wednesday. needless to say, it’s been quite a full week. im sad to have left portland, but incredibly excited to start a new chapter of my life! the...
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April 27, 2008

a few images from my trip to chicago and quick trip to indiana to visit dorothy:
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