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Posts Tagged ‘ vienna ’

dirt chronicles: part 3

January 7, 2011

the shaft of babel, 2003. hans schabus dug a 15 foot hole in his studio in vienna, displacing the dirt and bagging it in his studio. his work often deals with size on a large scale, making us aware of and challenging our conceptions of space and our relation to it. images via ggeeoorrgg and...
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August 6, 2010

while in vienna, i had the pleasure of meeting amelie and helping her prepare an incredible multi-dish persian meal for a grateful group of friends. but her talents don’t only reside in the kitchen. her photography work is tinged with nostalgia, longing, mystery and an exploration of the self and the search for it...
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June 30, 2010

teresa and i scouted out some places for CELEBRATION ROOM #4 and decided upon a nice space right in front of karlsplatz, an iconic viennese square dominated by the karlskirche, smack dab in the middle of the city. despite the grey weather, we marked off a large area between some trees and light poles...
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vienna (the rest)

June 29, 2010

………..so after staying up all night we headed up to mario’s roof for breakfast! but our mini-nap up above bienna’s steeples and red rooftops was cut short by an increasingly burning sun, so we crashed in mario’s room and woke again around 1, just in time for the flea market. biked back to teresa’s,...
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vienna (before sunset)

June 23, 2010

That first night pretty much set the our schedule for the next few days in Vienna: up around noon, breakfasting, wandering about, swimming, eating more, meeting friends, going out, dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing, riding bikes, and getting home just in time for the bakeries to open. We ran to the Alte Donau for...
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vienna (before sunrise)

June 22, 2010

from brief berlin i was tossed unknowingly into a tornado of dancing and carousing in vienna. a 10 hour train ride from berlin, i was lucky to find myself a spot in the only air conditioned car speeding through a rebuilt dresden; along the northern czech republic’s cliff-lined rivers; in and out of prague’s...
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copenhagen vs vienna

May 25, 2009

so stupidly i missed my flight to spain this morning…ugh. long long day searching out new flights and throwing money i don’t have out the window. but that’s traveling, right?? flying to malaga via london tomorrow…but wanted to backtrack and throw you some bones about the euro style i’ve been experiencing here…… my notes...
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